Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Circle of Life, Illustrated

Here is a picture of my husband in 1985, giving it his all to get a smile from our second-born son. I love the way he put his whole face into it--how could a baby resist such a face? (And for the record, he does have clothes on in this photo. We lived in Florida at the time and it was HOT, so he often went shirtless; and men wore shorty-shorts back then--think Larry Bird in his heyday.)
Now, 26 years later, here's a recent picture of my husband working to get a smile from one of our first-born son's 3-month-old twin daughters. His hair isn't as dark as it used to be, he's retired his Naval Aviator's requisite 'stache, and when he wears shorts, they go to his knees or beyond; but otherwise, this picture gives me a distinct feeling of deja-vu.
My husband was once just a father; now, he's the father of a father. Life is indeed a circle...someone please hand me a Kleenex--and cue the "Lion King" soundtrack.

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