Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yay for Science!

My husband and I just dropped our youngest son off at the airport, after his much-too-short fall break from college.  Actually, he's still on break--but he wanted to fly back to South Bend today so that he would be sure to be there to watch the Irish play BYU tomorrow afternoon.  I'm a little sad right now, so I thought I'd stick to something light and humorous to give myself a little pick-me-up.

I recently found the funniest t-shirt on a site called  (Be warned, some of their shirts are inappropriate; but most of them are just plain silly--like my boys.)  I thought a t-shirt with this particular design on it would make a perfect gift for son #4 and his girlfriend, who are both unabashedly nerdy when it comes to their love of all things science-related.
Isn't that just the best?  (With Christmas around the corner, I just might have to order a couple of them.)

My son was a physics major who now works in a field called biometrics.  His girlfriend was a neuroscience major who now works doing nephrology research for a professor at an august institution of higher learning (as she waits for an opening in the neurology department).  They can both tell science jokes like nobody's business...but make no mistake, they really, really love science.  And they're very, very smart.

My fourth son met this wonderful girl on a dating website called around a year ago.  This is also where my oldest son met his wife of almost three years and where my third son met his lovely girlfriend last spring.  It has become, as son #3 likes to call it, "the family website."  (We should do a commercial for them!)

And by the way, all you Catholic parents out there with twentysomething--or thirtysomething--children who dream of settling down but have yet to meet "the one," don't be afraid to suggest CatholicMatch.  With three successful matches in our family alone, we have become true believers.


It think it's so funny--and so adorable--that son #4's girlfriend was attracted to him in part because he mentioned in his CatholicMatch profile that he was a physics major.  She admits that she finds the combination of good looks, good values, and a scientific mind (specifically, one with lots of physics knowledge) to boot just about irresistible.

That's a killer combo, to be sure.  There must be others out there who think like this girl does; that might explain the popularity of the TV show "Big Bang Theory."  (Only I'm going to tell you this, as a totally unbiased mother: my boy is a whole lot better looking than the science nerds on that show!  Not that it matters, but I'm just saying...)

Okay, I've gotten two good plugs in here for websites you might want to check out: one for Noisebot and one for CatholicMatch.  The rest is up to you!

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  1. I really posted this at about 6:25 on Friday morning. Both the date and time listed above are wrong. Not sure why!