Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Firstborn Son

Yep, today's a two-fer.  I just finished a blog post about Saint Kateri Tekawitha, and now I'm going to post a second one about my oldest boy--my firstborn son, the person who changed my life forever the moment I laid eyes on him 29 years ago on this date, at 8:37 p.m.  (And a future saint, I have no doubt.)
Ignore the gargantuan glasses; focus on the perfect face of that newborn baby boy!
When this son was just a wee lad, he was always one of those kids who was wise and mature beyond his years.  My husband and I used to say that when we grew up, we wanted to be just like him.
At one, my boy looks eerily like his daughter Kewpie--only with a  lot more hair!
To me, a part of him will always be this tow-headed toddler...but incredibly, this son of ours is now the father of two with a third baby on the way.  He dotes on his identical twin girls.  He takes the job of father seriously, as the vocation that it surely is.  He is deeply devoted to his Catholic Faith, to his wife, and to their growing family.  He is a gentle soul; he's hardworking, responsible, modest, frugal, and prayerful.

Can you tell that I think he's wonderful?

So Happy Birthday, Son!  Dad and I love you more than you could ever imagine.  (No, I take that back.  Now that you've got Bonny and Kewpie, you probably have a pretty good idea of how we feel!)



  1. There's something about his face in that second picture that reminds me of Cece.

    1. Ha -- didn't even read your caption beneath that picture till after I posted this comment!!

    2. Ha ha--great minds think alike. I think I've seen this very expression on her face!

  2. Love this post! Happy birthday Seany!