Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick, or Treat?

It's still October, isn't it? I'm just checking, because starting yesterday afternoon and then continuing on through the night, it SNOWED here. We got at least six or seven inches before the snow turned to rain, luckily, because the forecast called for anywhere up to a foot of the white stuff. Is this some kind of trick or something? We haven't even passed out the Halloween candy yet, and winter appears to be upon us. We've had our first Nor'easter and lost power. My husband has had to break out the snowblower. Yet this being New England, it could be sixty degrees next week--which would be a real treat after the winter wonderland that greeted us when we woke up this morning.

In our town, trick-or-treaters go out on the 30th rather than the 31st (I've never been quite sure of the reason for this), so tonight the little ones are going to have to trudge through the snow and slush in their quest for treats. I know in my boys' day, a few inches of snow wouldn't have been enough to hold them back; I mean, we're talking about FREE CANDY here. But these days, our doorbell doesn't ring nearly as often on Halloween as it used to, even when the weather is a lot milder than it is today. My husband and I are still going to stock up on Milky Ways and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, however, like we always do. No Mary Janes or Good 'n Plentys, though--and nothing with coconut in it (ewww!). Because if we're going to end up with a heaping bowl of leftovers, we want them to be the kind of treats we like!

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