Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quick Prayer to Notre Dame, Our Lady

There isn't much time for blogging today. In just a little while, the extended Pearl clan (almost 40 of us, and that's not including some nieces' boyfriends, as well as many other assorted friends of several generations of Notre Dame football fans who will be joining us) is getting ready to set up its famous annual TAILGATING EXTRAVAGANZA. This has become a much-anticipated yearly event, with as many members of the family who can make it in attendance.

I feel pretty confident that Our Lady will be rooting for our side in today's match against USC--after all, this university is named for Her and She watches over its campus from a place of honor atop a golden dome. But there is never any harm in asking for a little divine help. An interviewer once said to Lou Holtz that he didn't think God cared who was going to win ND's next game. To that, the legendary Notre Dame coach replied, "I agree that God doesn't care who wins. But I'm sure His Mother does." So here's a quick prayer to the loving patron of the Fighting Irish:


And HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY, MY FIRSTBORN SON! You changed your Dad's and my life forever, in the best way possible (as I'm sure you know, now that you're a dad yourself). You were born on a Saturday when Notre Dame beat USC; hopefully today's game will be a deja-vu experience! We wish you and your three girls could be here with us. Give them a kiss for us!

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