Friday, October 7, 2011

Proud Papa

Well, I've been slowly expanding my horizons, blogging from hotel rooms and from an Army base library. I've been away from home so often in recent months that I've had to learn to be comfortable setting up my laptop in foreign places, instead of at my familiar desk in my cozy basement office area. Today, though, I'm trying something completely new: I'm blogging at a rest stop on the NY State Thruway, taking advantage of the advertized free WiFi. Thank you, all of you NY taxpayers, for making this possible for me!

My husband and I are currently on the road, making our way back home after spending the past two weeks with our daughter-in-law and our granddaughters, and then the past few days with our oldest son as well--our firstborn, our real American hero, the helicopter pilot and new father who just returned home safely on Tuesday after serving for a year in Afghanistan.

In keeping with the theme of yesterday's post (about pictures that speak a thousand words), here is a shot of my husband holding Cutie Pie. It totally melts me. Look at that expression of pure happiness on his face: it tells you what being a grandfather means to him better than any words could!

If you like seeing pictures of our perfect, beautiful, angelic little granddaughters, stay tuned over the next few days. I have some wonderful pictures of them that I am dying to share!

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