Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Post About Nothing ("Seinfeld"-Style)

I've got nothin' today.

Usually, I've got topics that interest me floating around in my head for future posts, or something happens during the day that makes me think, "Oh, this would be good material for a blog post." ("It's gold, Jerry! Gold!") But the page on my computer screen is looking very big and white right now, as I sit here at the hotel room desk, and I don't think I can fill it this morning.

So here are just a few random thoughts (about nothing, really) that are currently kicking around inside the old noggin:

Marriott hotels are my favorite. They have the whitest, cleanest-looking bedding and the best pillows. They also give you a lot of pillows, which is good because my husband can't go to sleep at night with any fewer than five. (They should pay me for this free advertising, but unfortunately they won't.)

Speaking of free, that's my favorite price for stuff. I love free hotel breakfasts. Never mind that staying overnight at a hotel is anything but free; it just makes me so happy that we don't have to get in the car and go somewhere else in the morning, somewhere where we'll have to pay to have our most important meal of the day. I can't wait to go down and have my complimentary breakfast, but I have to wait for my hubby to finish his workout. (My workouts are so much shorter, kinder, and gentler--so much less P90Xish--than his.) I've already scoped out the dining area and it looks pretty good, with only two glaring inadequacies: no vat of all-you-can-eat bacon and no doughnuts. But I think we'll be able to forage through what they have to offer and find something we like.

And speaking of Marriotts, I hope there are no ants at this one. After giving the hotel chain a free plug above, I just remembered that on our three-day-trip east with our daughter-in-law and the twins not long ago, we awoke to find out that our suite at the Residence Inn by Marriott was infested with them. Unbeknownst to us, they got into some of our bags that had road snacks in them (including a package of delicious apple cider doughnuts, which we had to toss at a gas stop--what a bummer!), and before long they were crawling all over the place, most disturbingly up and down my daughter-in-law's arms. We ran into the convenience store at the gas station and purchased some Windex, then sprayed all the ones we could find with that. (Did anybody else out there see the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? If so, you know that Windex can fix just about anything.) We also bought some Bounce dryer sheets, because my daughter-in-law's mom had just read on-line that they were good at repelling ants, mice, and mosquitos. We plastered that car with Bounce sheets! So for the rest of the trip, we enjoyed the great smell of freshly laundered clothes.

By the way, we've stayed at a lot of Marriott hotels, and this ant thing has never happened before--so please don't stop frequenting them on account of our one bad experience, which was probably a pretty rare occurrence.

And FYI: I like doughnuts. A lot. You probably figured that out already.

Okay, I'm going to end here, because I need to shower, eat my free breakfast, and be ready to meet up with my youngest son in a little while (yippee!). This post is a bit disjointed and nonsensical anyway. But at least I passed on some useful information about Bounce dryer sheets that you may not have been aware of, right?

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