Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Couple of Those "Thousand Word" Pictures

I'm back at the library on post again--getting my daily blogging fix, now that I've found available internet service! But I must be quick, because my husband and I have some work we want to do today for our son and daughter-in-law before we head back home tomorrow. We are going to try to paint two of the rooms in their house for them, because they will be moving down South in February and within a matter of months they are hoping to be able to sell it. These two wonderful young people have just been reunited after a year apart, and they're back in their cute little house with their adorable babies; but before too long, they'll be calling another house "home." Such is the life of an Army family! They have their hands full these days with their twin baby girls--there's not much time for painting walls!--so we thought we'd do what we could to lighten the load for them.

In the spirit of keeping this short, I'm going to post two pictures taken in the past week or so that I believe are the kind that speak a thousand words.

The first picture is one I took myself, while I was holding one of the babies (it was a bit tricky). This photo says better than words could say what being a grandmother means to me.
The second picture is of the two sisters in the early stages of becoming buddies. Although they spent over eight months together in the womb, they have largely ignored each other until recently. Now, they're beginning to check each other out and smile at each other. This photo shows better than any words could do how special the bond is between sisters. (And as usual with photos of my granddaughters, I wanted to post it because I thought it would make you smile!)

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