Saturday, March 30, 2024

Happy Holy Saturday (2024)

Can I just say that I love Easter?  I mean, every Christian does, or should, I know: for He is risen!  Hallelujah!  And through His stripes we are healed!  And by His cross and resurrection, He has set us free!

What a beautiful celebration of life Easter is--of life here on earth, but more importantly, the eternal life to come.  It has become my #1 favorite holiday of the year (but ask me which is my favorite again as Christmastime approaches!).

I love everything about this holiday: the glorious spring weather, the beautiful liturgies, the pretty Easter dresses on my granddaughters, Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts...and of course, as always, I love having an excuse to host a family party at our house.

This year, our group is going to be relatively small. A college friend of two of our VA daughters-in-law has come into town with her family, so sons #2 and #3 and their families will be having a little reunion with this friend and celebrating Easter together about an hour away from us in Northern VA.  But son #4 and his four children (the triplets, 6, and their younger sister, 4) will be joining us for lunch after Mass, along with our son's wife's parents (who are local).  So we'll have ten gathered around our table.  And of course, said table is already set.  (Because there's nothing I love more than preparing for events such as this!)

My table will look even better tomorrow, when some of the people I love
most in the world are gathered around it!  I can hardly wait!

I decided to put a small Russell Stover solid chocolate bunny at the places of each of our guests, in memory of my paternal grandmother.  We always had Easter dinner at her house, and she always set an elegant table (and served leg of lamb with mint jelly, which my parents adored and I tolerated).  And Grandma always had a Russell Stover chocolate bunny on the table for each of her five grandchildren.  The ones we got in our Easter baskets were hollow, but the ones we got from Grandma were solid.  This is one of my fondest childhood memories.  (It just goes to show how easy it is to make a child happy!  It's the simplest things that mean the most.)

When the whole VA gang (more than 20 of us) is here on Easter, we don't often have a sit-down meal; it's usually buffet-style, and people just serve themselves on pretty paper plates in the kitchen and then pick a spot to sit, either at the kitchen table or in the dining room.  It's wonderfully chaotic.  I will miss the others tomorrow, chaos notwithstanding--but having just one family at a time is a rare treat, and very special, because with only four little ones involved, we can be a bit fancier.  I can break out the breakables!  

I love to set a pretty table, with a nice tablecloth.  But with so many young grandchildren always eating at my house, I have opted for this high-quality vinyl one that can be wiped down after every meal.  It looks like a real damask cloth (at least that's what I tell myself!), but it's so much less trouble to take care of.  

I was going to use cloth napkins; but Pioneer Woman's Easter napkins are just so stinking' cute and I think they're more fun for the kids, so I decided to go with them.

I'm not doing much for dessert; everyone will be eating enough chocolate and jelly beans without Grammy adding lots of baked goods to the mix.  But I did get some delectable little cakes from our local bakery (moist yellow cake with cream on top, iced with a caramel glaze), and some adorable bunny- and egg-shaped Easter cookies from Aldi's (shortbread with Belgian chocolate and sprinkles).

Aren't these the cutest?!

The house looks festive.  We keep two small trees up throughout the year in our family room, and I like to decorate them according to the season.

This wooden basket, a gift from son #4 and his wife (picked up on their honeymoon in Malaysia) makes a lovely Easter decoration.  (When you put the handle of the basket down, it collapses and converts into a leaf-shaped tray!)  My husband got the marble eggs in Athens, back when he was flying overseas routinely in his job as an airline pilot.

We are planning a lunch of pork roast, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls.  Simple but delicious (I hope!).  One of these days, I'm going to have to learn to make leg of lamb like my grandmother used to; my husband is a big fan of lamb, and he for one would be very appreciative!

I kind of miss the days when there were lots of bloggers posting regularly, and they might have a blog link-up for "Show Us Your Easter Decor," or "What I Served for Easter Dinner."  I love seeing other people's ideas for food, decorations, and entertaining.


Before I go, I'm going to treat you to a smile-inducing picture of our sweet 4-year-old granddaughters after their recent Easter show at their preschool.  These two little darlings are cousins, classmates, and BFF's.

Happy, happy Easter, dear readers!


  1. We are so much alike! I set my table days ago and it looks almost as cute as yours!

    1. We ARE so much alike (except you don’t love to vacuum as much as I do!! Ha ha!). Isn’t it fun getting ready for holiday dinners? I love it! Do you remember the chocolate bunnies at Grandma’s? ❤️

    2. I don't specifically remember the bunnies, I just remember it was always special! And we both felt the same about the lamb!! 😒

  2. He is risen! Happy Easter and lovely table :)