Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Eighth Day of Easter

I can't believe it's already been a week since Easter Sunday!  So on the last day of the octave of Easer, I thought I'd share just a few images from our Easter brunch/egg hunt, when we had three of our boys and their families in attendance, with 13 children between them.

My favorite picture in that second collage just might be the one of our oldest and our fourth-born sons giving each other a goofy hug.  They’re 37 and 33, but still boys at heart.

I didn't think I was tired that day...but when I look at this picture of me with my little grandson, who is the youngest of our 17 grandchildren, all I can think is "Grammy/ReeRee looks like she needs a nap!"  (I also think, "Wow, Grammy is getting old!")

 Wearing apron. Check. Holding baby.  Check.
Business as usual in this pic!

But as my dad always used to say of getting older, "It's better than the alternative!"  So true!  (BTW: isn't that little guy ridiculously adorable?)

Happy Easter, dear readers!


  1. Love the dresses the girls are wearing, just precious as are all the kids.
    You do not look old or weary though the youngest in your arms looks more mischievous and energetic than you do. ❤

  2. Just love these! Mom is going to have such a great time when she is there!!