Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Letter A (ABC Book, Pages 1 and 2)

I was going to try to write a nice, long, thoughtful post today about some subject pertaining to Faith, as it is the Lord's day and ought to be dedicated to Him.  But I'm not feeling the best, and I'm desperately in need of a nap (while my wee twin granddaughters are taking theirs), so I'm just going to post the first two pages of the children's ABC book I'm working on, the one I told you about last Thursday.

Okay, here's the first page.

And here's the second.

This post is not as God-centered as I wanted it to be...although there is an angel involved (a Heavenly being with a face inspired by the angelic visages of Grammy's precious little girls). But for today, when my tired old brain is incapable of putting together a whole lot of coherent sentences, and my tired old body is crying out for a few extra Z's (as my hubby would say), this will have to do.

Stay tuned for the B's, coming soon to a computer near you!


  1. Didn't you say you drew these a few years ago? That angel looks JUST like little B & C! It is crazy how you envisioned you angelic little granddaughters YEARS before they were born!

    1. Woops--I think the way I explained the evolution of this ABC Book was a tad confusing. I did do an angel years ago for the A page, back when Jack was a baby. But when I re-did that page this past year, I definitely tried to make the angel's face look like the twins'. I wish I could say that I had envisioned them long before they were born--that would be wild! (I'm just glad that you think it looks like them; that's what I was going for!)