Thursday, January 17, 2013

ABC Book for the Twins

Many years ago, when our youngest son (who will be 20 tomorrow!!) was a baby, I began work on an illustrated children's ABC book for him.  I had planned to make three pages of singsong rhymes with illustrations for each letter, and had completed the A's, the B's, and the D's...and then progress on the project was suddenly and forever stalled.  My baby boy turned one and became mobile, and somehow my ambitious plans were shelved away for another day far, far into the future.

That day came around the time my twin granddaughters (now 19 months old) turned one.  I decided that I simply must finish what I started for this new generation, first giving myself a Christmas deadline (didn't happen!) and now hoping to get it done in time for the girls' second birthday in June.

It is almost impossible to convey to you how much those two wee granddaughters of mine adore books.  If either one of them is ever throwing a little tantrum because her diaper needs changing and she just isn't having it, all you have to do is hand her one of the library books her mommy brings home on a regular basis and she'll usually calm down immediately.  A book--especially one with real, easy-tear paper pages, although the sturdy cardboard variety will do in a pinch--is just about the most glorious plaything that either one of those girls can imagine.  It is truly a wonder to see how content they are when they've got their cute little button noses in a good book.

The first time around all those years ago, I drew the illustrations for my ABC book on very large art paper and hand-printed the text with a fine-tipped Sharpie.  This time around, I decided to draw my illustrations on 8 and 1/2 by 11" card stock, and to use Word to print the text so that it looks neater and more professional.  I've found that I can easily scan the completed pages onto my computer, and from there I should be able to print great color copies of them.  Also, I decided to do only two pages for each letter.  (After all, I'd like to actually get this done before I become a great-grandmother!)

There were several illustrations from the first attempt that I wanted to re-do, so I had to painstakingly re-create them.  Soon, however, I will be working on all original drawings and I look forward to that.

The new alligator, a work in progress here, is not as good as the old one, but he'll have to do!
(And the airplane didn't make the cut.)

One of the main reasons I decided to reveal this project here on "String of Pearls" is that I figured if I tell people I'm working on it, then I'll feel like I have to finish it!  I'm hoping it will motivate me to meet my June deadline.  From time to time, I'm going to post pages of the book so you can watch my progress (and give me a hard time if I drag my heels too much!). I've only got the cover and six pages done so far, so I better get moving.

Okay, to get started, here's the new cover:

I can't think of a better theme for a book for my twin granddaughters than the ABC's. (Warning: I'm about to do some Grammy bragging.)  Those two little prodigies already know all the letters of the alphabet--and I don't mean they can sing the song about them; they recognize them everywhere and point them out to you.  At this rate, they'll be reading by age three.

Keep your eyes peeled for more pages in the coming months, until June when (fingers crossed!) I'll be posting a page that says, "The End."  And perhaps with a little "YAY!" added, because that's what the twins say every time you finish reading them a story.  (I know, right?  I've told you and told you how adorable they are.  Do you believe me now?)

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  1. "Yay!" So excited to see the book's progress via your blog. What you have so far is amazing.