Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The S Pages are Done--SWEET!

I'm making progress, slowly but surely, on that ABC Book I'm working on for the grandkids.  If you've been following along, I've posted the A through E pages so far.  Well, I know that means I should be on the F's--but I'm skipping ahead to the S's.  (Good thing I'm not doing this for a grade, or I might get an F on the project...tee hee.)

One of the reasons I'm doing the S's now instead of later is that I realized I would be able to "cheat" a little bit again and re-purpose some old artwork.  I'm always thrilled when I can do that.

For the first S page, you might recognize that green sweater from the cover of Finding Grace.  I thought it would be a shame to draw a whole new sweater when I have this one all ready to go.  Am I right?

The second S page is actually a pastel drawing I did many years ago--I think it was before we even had kids yet.   (And actually, wanting to use it in this book so badly ended up helping me to figure out a rhyme that made these two pages come together.)

I have a feeling my baby sister, who is a loyal reader of this blog and thee biggest fan of Mickey, Minnie, and all things Disney you've ever met in your life, will like that one.
Now on to the P's!  (I know, I know: P does not come after S!  Maybe eventually I'll get back to completing pages in alphabetical order...)


  1. I just saw the top of the head and I love it ... then I read the part about me liking this page and you are so right! This will be my favorite page! And I love the new look of your blog!

    1. YOU are the main reason I wanted to figure out how to use that picture of the little girl reading to Mickey! :)

      I think I like the new look of the blog, too. I went so long wanting to change absolutely nothing, and now I get in the mood to mix it up every other day. I think this is it for a while, though.

  2. You are SO TALENTED. Your work is just amazing! The little girl reading... her face.... it just grabs me. Thank you for sharing these so we can enjoy them too!

    1. You know, I've been having a bit of "blogger's block" recently (which happens to me from time to time), and my husband suggested I blog the ABC Book's progress. That kills two birds with one stone, because it definitely helps to motivate me to draw--I'd been stalled on this project for a while. (And he REALLY wants to see it finished for our little sweetie pies!) Thanks for your kind words!