Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Letter B (ABC Book, Pages 3 and 4)

Well, as promised, here are two more finished pages of the ABC book I'm working on for my twin granddaughters.  You can find the cover of the book here, and the illustrations for the letter A here.  And now--oh, I'm so excited!--today is all about [drumroll]...the letter B! (I feel like Maria on "Sesame Street."  Or more accurately, perhaps, Cookie Monster.)

Here's the page 3 illustration.

And here's page 4.

Okay, kids, that's it for the beautiful letter B!  The butterfly page is a little weak, but I really like the page with the books and teddy bear on it.  Books are the twins' very favorite things in the entire world.  And they are quite fond of bears, too.  (Not to mention the fact that they do a pretty mean "growl" whenever they see an image of one.)

By the bye, my airline pilot husband informed me last night that there are lots of open seats on his flight to Barcelona this coming Thursday (speaking of people, places, and things that start with the letter B), and just as many on the return flight.  So he was wondering if I wanted to tag along, and I said, [gulp!] "Maybe.  Um, yeah, maybe."  And then just to clarify about all these open seats that were available, he said there were a whole bunch up in business class.  Bingo! "Sure, why not?" I answered my beloved.

Looks like I may be going to Barcelona next week...and I may take my laptop along with me so I can say "hola mis amigos" from there.

(Gee, what would we do without the letter B anyway?)