Monday, January 14, 2013

Team Milk Chocolate

My husband and I arrived in CO yesterday, where we'll be spending time with our three girls, our daughter-in-law and our 19-month-old twin granddaughters, while our son is off on Army business.  (There was a time when I couldn't imagine my husband or myself ever using the term "our girls"; for so many years, we were surrounded by nothing but boys!)

The wee ones are napping right now, and Grammy was supposed to be napping, too--because she's exhausted!  (I blame jet lag, since it's two hours earlier out here than it is at home, and this old body of mine still hasn't adjusted to the sleep I missed out on last night.) I made the colossal mistake of setting my iPhone down on the nightstand as I was getting into bed...and then thinking, "Well, maybe I should just check my e-mails before I nod off"...and then getting sucked in once again--and I didn't even see it coming!  Word to the wise: don't get an iPhone.  It's great to have so much at your fingertips at all times (e-mails, Internet, Google, shopping websites, and the list goes on into cyberspace); however, it's also dangerous to have so much at your fingertips at all times.  I can't decide if I love my iPhone or hate it...although I have to admit that it's possible I really, really love it.  Way too much.

Anyway, this will be a quickie, because I really should try to squeeze in a little nippy-nap. But I thought I'd share a bit of wisdom from one of the Pearl family's favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan.  I "liked" him on Facebook, I guess, so now I get his Facebook posts or tweets or whatever they are coming across my news feed all the time, and they can be pretty funny. So this is a tidbit from Gaffigan that I saw on my ever-present iPhone recently, and I'm sharing it with you lucky readers: Dark chocolate is for people that like chocolate but like to be disappointed.  #TeamMilkChocolate

The reason I love that post so much is that he's absolutely right, at least as far as I'm concerned: I'd never choose to eat dark chocolate unless there was no milk chocolate available--I don't care how many anti-oxidants and other health benefits the dark stuff has to offer.  Milk chocolate offers me the best mental health benefit you could ever ask for: happiness.

I would join Team Milk Chocolate in a minute.  I can always count on milk chocolate.  In my 54 years of life, it has never disappointed me.

Now would somebody please explain to me what that hash tag business is all about?  (#TeamTechnology-Challenged)

Oops, I postponed my nap too long.  Time to go--the girls are up!

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