Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Decorated Tree

My husband, who is my most trusted adviser and constructive critic in all areas of my life (even when I need to know whether or not I look fat in a certain outfit--which he has assured me, each and every time I ask this, I never do), read my blog post yesterday and astutely observed that perhaps when I announced I was having a contest where people guess how many Christmas ornaments I have, I should have included a picture of our decorated tree. How right he is (as always).  That probably would have made the contest more fair.  I mean, whenever they have one of those "guess how many M & M's are in the jar" contests, you always get to look at the M & M-filled jar before you hazard a guess.

So in the spirit of making this ornament giveaway contest as fair as it can be (because "a lot" of ornaments could mean different things to different people--it could be any number from 100 to 1,000, right?), I'm posting this picture of our 9 and 1/2-foot artificial tree, all decked out for the 2013 Christmas season.
If you guessed yesterday and would like to change your guess, just go back to that post and leave me another comment.

I hope when I finish the wooden Santa ornament, it will be at least as good a prize as a jar filled with hundreds and hundreds of M & M's (but that's setting the bar a little high, I think).

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