Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Generations

A couple days after Christmas, my parents met their new great-grandchildren for the first time. Here we are, four generations of my family: my parents, me, my oldest son, and my son's seven-month-old identical twin daughters.

This was a very special Christmas season for our family because of these precious babies; my husband and I got to spend it with our first grandchildren, and our four unmarried sons, the first-time uncles, got to spend it vying for "favorite uncle" status. But for my mom and dad, it was especially exciting. It was hard enough for them to get used to the idea of their children becoming parents; now, incredibly, their daughter is a grandma! And that means that they are (gulp!) great-grandparents. They are "Great-Mimi" and "Great-Bigfoot"!! (When my dad decided that his grandfather title was going to be "Bigfoot," I don't think he looked ahead to imagine how it would sound with a "Great" in front of it.)

It was fun to see my parents interact with these adorable baby girls (who were dressed in the Santa Baby outfits my mom had gotten them for Christmas)--especially to see my dad lie right down on the floor to play with his "great-grandthings."

I'm so glad that we posed for this picture of the four generations together, on the day that my parents met (and fell in love with) their great-granddaughters.

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