Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Reason for the Season

I found this charming illustration called "The Reason for the Season" on-line yesterday. At first glance, I thought, "This artist doesn't know the reason at all--he thinks it's all about the presents!" Looking at it quickly, it's not obvious that the intent of this piece is to show that Christmas isn't really about Santa and all the goodies he leaves under the tree. I mean, look at the magical wonderland of toys surrounding those two kids! (I think they might be a tad--perhaps even more than a tad--spoiled!)

But now look more closely.

The little boy and girl are staring intently at a lit-up snow globe with a Nativity inside of it. They are ignoring all the dolls and teddy bears and toys surrounding them, mesmerized by that snow globe. They appear to be aware of, and awed by, the true reason for the Christmas season.

I thought this illustration was so sweet--and with only ten days left until Christmas, I thought I'd post it to share with you.


  1. That's very sweet. Sean just noticed that a good number of the other toys also appear to be looking towards the snow globe.

  2. How true! That makes this picture even more affecting, doesn't it?