Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's the Circle of Life!

I decided to start posting larger pictures. The ones I've been putting up lately are sort of small, and you have to click on them to see them well. I regret not posting a larger one two days ago of my statue of Our Lady of Fatima, because it is so very lovely.

Here's a great photo (nice and large, too) of my #3 son, re-enacting that famous scene from "The Lion King," where Rafiki, standing on Pride Rock, holds up baby Simba. My son went on a camping trip when he was out in AZ last summer, along with my niece (who was attending the same Army training school as he) and a couple of their Army buddies. They were in this place that had these amazing rock formations, and when they came upon this majestic rock they thought it looked just like the one from the Disney movie. My son had the forethought to pose on it, both empty-handed and holding up a backpack, planning that Simba would be photo-shopped in later. Isn't he a creative son of a gun?

I can't begin to count how many times that "Lion King" videotape was played in this house, and how many times my husband lifted up my youngest son, then an infant, just so when it came to this part! That little guy lived and breathed "The Lion King." For about two years of his life, my baby walked around clutching a plastic "Scar" figurine in each hand, courtesy of MacDonald's Happy Meals (I know there's a group trying to outlaw Happy Meal toys, but I'm not in their camp). He doesn't do that anymore, but he--and his brothers--still have enough kid in them that they love the movie, and even now will watch it from time to time.

Looking at this photo brings back so many happy memories. (In fact, I'm feeling a bit verklempt. Tawk amongst yourselves. Happy Meal toys--yea or nay: discuss.)

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