Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sewing with Grammy (3)

If you are one of the few people who does come here often, you might be wondering if this has morphed into a sewing blog now or something.

No, it hasn't; but I am a Grammy blogger (not to be confused with a mommy blogger, which was a popular thing to be back in blogging's heyday).  And sewing with four of my granddaughters--the offspring of our firstborn son--is currently one of my favorite Grammy activities.  So there you go.  (I will blog about something else one of these days; but this is not that day!)

For the past three Monday afternoons, I have been holding a little Sewing 101 course at my kitchen table for four young budding seamstresses. 

Each week, I've tried to plan projects that are fun for them, but as an added bonus also give them something to bring home at the end of the lesson (doll-related items are always a good choice!).

On Monday, I had the two oldest (10-year-old twins) do a review of one of the skills we worked on last week and practice machine sewing straight lines on paper.  They did so well that I had them graduate to sewing straight lines on double-thickness squares of fabric on which I'd drawn a series of lines.

They pretty much aced that task, so then I had them sew up some simple 5x7" American Girl-sized bed pillows I'd cut out for them ahead of time.  They sewed the seams leaving an opening for stuffing, clipped the corners, and turned them inside out.

When they had accomplished this, I called their two younger sisters (8 and 6) up from the basement playroom to stuff the pillows and hand-sew the openings closed.  

When I went online a month or so ago to figure out the best way to go about teaching young kids to sew, one of the bloggers whose site I visited stressed the need to be okay with their efforts being imperfect, in order to let them learn without too much interference.  I knew that with my tendency toward perfectionism I might hamper their learning by itching to take over too much.  So I've been trying really hard to let them do their own work and make their own mistakes.  (Sewing with Grammy will be a good learning experience for me as well!)

These sweet granddaughters are so generous with each other and don't appear to have that need to be in complete control of the outcome that their Grammy struggles with.  The older girls were perfectly happy to have the younger girls do the finish work on the pillows, and they did a bang-up job.  So it was truly a wonderful team effort.  I am so proud of this little sewing circle of mine!

Yes, someday, I shall write about something other than sewing lessons...but here's the problem these days, you see:

and I do mean HOURS!!


  1. How Fun! Enjoy this time with your grand girls. :)

    1. Thanks! I feel so lucky to have these kids living close enough to be able to do things like this. It might not be this way forever (due to the job market, etc.), so I intend to enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts!

  2. Dear Mrs. Pearl, I have been reading your blog for a few years and have always wanted to comment. Today, I just felt very compelled - I love this series of sewing with your granddaughters. When I was younger, I wanted to learn but my perfectionist tendencies got in the way and I did not last long in learning the process. Fast forward 20 plus years and one of the first things I sewed was my Franciscan habit! And I was pretty much starting from scratch. God was so good in providing wonderfully patient people working with me.

    Now, for fun, I sew dresses for Dress-a-Girl Around the World which provides dresses for girls in need.

    Anyway, I think what you are doing is wonderful and I making notes on your methods so I can help teach others to sew when the time comes.

    May God Bless you.

    Oh, and nothing teaches a sewer to learn from their mistakes than having to rip them out. I know you know what I mean! :)

    1. Sister, I wrote you a long reply and then somehow deleted it. It seems I make as many mistakes on the computer as I do on the sewing machine! I’ll try to re-create what I wrote to you here…

      Thank you so much for leaving this thoughtful comment. I was very touched to hear from a regular reader I didn’t even know I had, a fellow seamstress/perfectionist who is well acquainted with the seam ripper! :)

      I’m so glad you left this message, and also that you mentioned Dress-a-Girl Around the World. I’m going to look them up. I sew burial layettes for tiny miscarried and stillborn babies for a group called A Mom‘s Peace. Maybe I can make time to sew for this other organization as well.

      I often think that it’s time to retire from the blogging world. But when I hear from people like you, I think maybe I’m not finished yet. Maybe I’ll stick around a little longer. Thanks again, and God bless you!

    2. Thank you for your reply! I hope you will find a way to contribute to Dress-a-Girl Around the World. Your skillset would do so much for a worthy cause. Plus I envision as your granddaughters get more experience, they would be helpful, too. At the point you have them now, they could make the pockets for the dresses.

      May God Bless you and Mary keep you.

  3. I love how much you're all enjoying this. Not only are they learning to sew but other great life lessons like team work, patience and perseverance are being taught and acquired as well.

    1. So nice to hear from you as always, Madeline! Yes, I do think this was the best idea--and I have my daughter-in-law to thank for it.

  4. I so love this post and the comments that I am reading ... and hope that they convince you to continue blogging! You know how much I love to read your blog!!! ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you so much for ALWAYS being in my corner! 😘

  5. Love the sewing stories, and the personal input reminding us all to let our grandkids be creative while not necessarily perfect!
    How nice to hear from a new reader too!