Thursday, June 4, 2015

Twin Purpose: A Belated Happy Birthday, and an ABC Book Update

A few days ago, my beloved oldest grandchildren--identical twins Bonny Babe and Cutie Pie--turned four.  I neglected to give them a birthday shout-out on their big day, because I had ambitious plans for a blog post and didn't fulfill them in time.

Those plans involved getting out my watercolor pencils and fine-tipped sharpie pens and doing a little artwork.  I spent a few hours at it this morning, and I tell you, I'd forgotten how happy I feel when the creative juices are flowing.

Today, I'm unveiling a new page for the ABC Book, which I haven't worked on in quite a LONG time (due to putting it aside for six months to write Erin's Ring; then playing nanny to my sweet little grandson, G-Man, for four months; then seeing my youngest son graduate from college and soon afterward leave the nest--excuses, I've got a million of them!).

This illustration is a belated birthday gift to my girlies, who were most definitely the inspiration for it.

The next page is going to say, "And it's for tall, tall trees, and tiny baby toes."

When I get to it, that is.  Which may not be for a couple of weeks, since we're leaving tomorrow for South Bend to attend my husband's 35th college reunion, and right afterward, we're going to spend about a week visiting with the twins and their two little sisters out in the Midwest...

Such is the life of a jet-setter/world traveler/would-be homebody/besotted Grammy.

But stay tuned, because more installments of the ABC Book will be coming, sooner rather than later.  I am determined to run off copies of this book for my grandchildren this Christmas!


  1. Replies
    1. The color looks better in person--it got kind of washed out when I scanned it. I may have to touch it up a bit.

      But thanks!

  2. I love this page!! So special. Happy birthday to both little ladies.

  3. Wonderful!!! I would love to see this book published and available for purchase by the time my fourth grandchild (due to be born just after Thanksgiving) is looking at books! ;)

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Published and available for purchase...I really hadn't even thought of that. I may have to talk this over with my business manager and chief financial officer to see if this is something we can make happen. I suppose I could sell them here at the blog...

      You've got me thinking now...

      And congrats on grandchild #4!

    2. Count me in for a copy - see? You've sold one already!

  4. What a sweet page! But then againl, I love all of the pages of this book!!!

    1. Thank you, Beth! I hope I can keep motivated to get the rest of it done!