Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Niece, Confirmation, and the Holy Spirit

Yesterday, I was surprised, humbled, thrilled, and ineffably touched to be asked by one of my nieces to be her Confirmation sponsor.  She will receive the sacrament in the spring of 2016.

Her mom (one of my husband's wonderful younger sisters) told me that she was nervous to approach me about it, and even worried, "What if she says no?"

As if I would ever do so!  Aside from being asked to fulfill the duty of godparent to a brand new Christian soul, I cannot imagine a greater honor.  That this amazing child, whose knowledge of her Faith is already light years ahead of where her aunt's was at her age (or even now, I dare say), would deign to choose me is just...what word can I use?  Well, my eyes got wet last night when she asked me, if that helps you understand how I felt.

This niece, who is about to enter eighth grade along with a brother and a sister who were all born on the same day (yes, she's a triplet!), is one of the sweetest, most intelligent, most charitable, most empathetic young ladies you'll ever meet.  She is 13 going on 30, I swear.  Just so bright and such a deep thinker.  She reads and writes at college level already.  She is deeply committed to not only her Catholic Faith, but also to the members of the domestic Church created by her dedicated parents--one that includes not just the brother and sister with whom she shares a birthday, but two older brothers as well.

My niece was instructed not to make a rash decision, to pray about it before choosing a sponsor.  She told her mom that last night when she was working beside me in the kitchen, helping me with the guacamole by chopping the onion (the job I hate most, as it always brings on the tears), she felt like the Holy Spirit was telling her that I was the one.

Well, even without the onions, there were tears!

I am now resolved to pray to the Holy Spirit--daily and zealously!--to help and guide me, so that I'll be the best Confirmation sponsor I can to this serious young Catholic.  She certainly deserves that much.
God bless her, along with all the other young people who will be preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and with it the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in the coming school year.


  1. How wonderful for both of you!

  2. How wonderful! She definitely made a good choice!!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations!

    During my own time of preparation for the Sacrament, I asked a family member to be my sponsor, too. It's been a tremendous blessing for both of us ever since!

    God bless you!

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