Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Toast to Fathers

My husband has savored every minute of being a dad--from the time our sons were babies until today, when one of them is a dad of three already and another is looking forward to welcoming his first boy in October. 

I don't think there's a more heart-melting sight than a big, strong, handsome, manly-man who is turned to mush by his children.  To illustrate this point, here's a snapshot of my best guy with son #3, taken about 28 years ago on a family trip to Sea World.
I am pretty much weak in the knees looking at this picture.

What a great father he was and is, and what a great example he's been for our five boys.  Because of him, they know what it means to be a good father.  They know it is a vocation--and because they've all wanted to follow in his footsteps, that is the one they've chosen.  As Catholic parents, of course we would have been thrilled if any of them had chosen a vocation to the priesthood; but we also know that in this crazy world of ours--where good is bad and bad is good, and so many children are growing up confused, depressed, and devoid of hope--there is a desperate need for good fathers.

The baby boy in that picture above is all grown up now.  He and his wife will welcome their first child a mere ten months into their marriage, and our son is already so excited about the role he's going to be playing in his little boy's life.

Preciosa gave him the cutest gift for Father's Day.  He opened it up at midnight, unable to wait 'til this morning.  As she says, "He's super pumped!"
Can you tell he's pumped?  Do you think he's looking forward to being a dad?

Boys need strong fathers as their role models.  But girls need them, too.  So I can't forget to give a Father's Day shout-out to my own terrific dad--and here's a picture of us back in the day, when I was just a teeny-bopper who was dating the super cute boy who would become a father to my sons.
And now for a toast to all the fathers out there who sacrifice so much, work so hard, and love so fiercely:  You have been called by Our Father in Heaven to be the heads of your domestic churches here on earth--a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, by any means.  It's a daunting job, but you do it.  God bless you all--where would the world be without you?


  1. Beautiful post ... and I LOVE those pictures!!!

  2. I can't get over how much Mike looks like Smooch!

    1. There's a definite Pearl gene running through there...:)