Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogging Humor

I saw the funniest on-line cartoon about blogging the other day.  (Also the UN-funniest, because it's a pretty sad commentary on what Internet social media has done to redefine the term "friendship" and the way we interact with one another.)  Unfortunately, this cartoon was sort of covered over with all these blurbs about copyrights and such, so it didn't look good enough to copy here. But here's the gist: A little boy is looking up at his mom, holding a laptop under his arm and saying, "Bobby's outside with his laptop.  Can I go outside and blog with him?"

Hilarious?  Or pathetic?

I am a blogger.  I blog.  But I do realize that blogging is an activity that lends itself to joke-making--and if you're a blogger, you'd better have a sense of humor and some pretty tough skin.

(Watch out for them typos!  They'll kill you every time.)
Ummm....I'm considering quitting the blog world and getting a real life!  I probably won't, though, because I'm just enjoying the whole process too much these days, and I'm "meeting" the nicest women bloggers.  They write about topics that are near and dear to my heart, and they inspire me.  

If only we could meet face-to-face with our laptops...and blog together.   [Insert smiley face emoticon here.]


  1. You are not allowed to quit, sorry!
    -From all of your followers :)

    1. Thanks, Meggie.

      Didn't you love that last cartoon? My senior year in college, I made a similar typo. My last paper was on Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd," and I added a "t" on the end of the word "far" in the introductory paragraph (I seriously didn't see it, even though I proofread that paper about 100 times). The professor was funny: he just underlined the misspelled word with his red pen and left no comment. He probably thought I did it as some sort of senior prank, but I was mortified!

  2. Amen to that (not being allowed to quit)! I've been going through my own little communication crisis wondering what, if anything, of substance gets communicated by any electronic media. It seems that the best we can do nowadays is drop one-liners on each other. What about substantive conversations? Does anyone have those anymore? On the other hand, it's because of the seemingly superficial connections through social media that we have been able to bless the Borobias with a new laundry room, and that's certainly substantive!

    1. True, there are so many great things that can be accomplished via blogging! With some people using the Internet for sinful purposes, it's good to have others who use it for exactly the opposite.