Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Pony Whisperer

No time to blog today--but I thought I'd share an awesome picture of some more of my Chincoteague pony friends.  The white spotted baby in this picture nipped my finger by accident when I was feeding her some corn last night, but it was no more than a little love bite and didn't even really hurt.  (And furthermore the sign on the fence--which no one here pays any attention to, by the way--says "Do not feed the ponies by hand," so I have no one to blame but myself!)
I am just crazy about these ponies.  They are turning me into an outlaw who ignores posted signs.  I wish I could take one of these beauties home with me and keep it in the backyard.  Wouldn't that be a draw for my grandchildren?!  They'd all want to come to Papa and Grammy's house!

By the time I leave this idyllic island, I intend to be the "Pony Whisperer"


  1. There's something so beautiful about wild horses.

  2. They are beautiful! And amazing to see right outside your motel room door!