Friday, June 29, 2012

One for Papa and One for Me!

Well, my husband and I are alone with our granddaughters today and tomorrow, because their mommy flew out to the Midwest for a wedding and their daddy had to go out of town for some work-related event. We are thoroughly enjoying our special time with Bonny and Kewpie, and all I can say is that first-time grandparenthood is especially wonderful when you're lucky enough to get twins! Papa and Grammy never have to get into tussles over whose turn it is to hold the baby; we each get one! There's no FOMO at all going on down here in Alabama (you'll have to read yesterday's post to get that reference).

My beloved late father-in-law was a well- known baby hog, and hardly gave my mother-in-law a chance to hold the twins' father (who was the first of 32 Pearl grandchildren) after he got his hands on him. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and my husband is just as baby crazy as his dad--so thank goodness we started out with two grandchildren right off the bat. I would have had severe FOMO if I'd had to wait my turn all the time. (We parents love to teach our kids to share their toys; but sometimes it's hard for us to share ours!)

When our granddaughters were tiny, we could each hold one and feed her a bottle. Now, we can each hold one on our lap and cuddle with her while we watch a "Baby Einstein" video. We each get to have one in our arms while we sing their pre-nap and pre-bedtime lullabies--and we each have a sweet little sleepy  head resting on our shoulder. Twins are absolutely perfect for a completely besotted set of grandparents.

We are having so much fun, and the care and feeding of these baby girls is moving along smoothly, like clockwork. I can't help but wonder, though...when our son is at work and our daughter-in-law is alone with the twins all day, HOW DOES SHE DO IT? She must be a ninja or something, with the ability to be in two places at once. The two-to-two ratio Papa and Grammy have here is not too tough. But how in the world can she do it when it's two-to-one?   I am in awe of  her, I truly am.

I give my son and his wife all the credit in the world for handling what they do, day in and day out. And as a grandparent, I thank them for giving my husband and me two grandchildren at once, so neither of us would ever have to feel left out (and wind up sulking in "time out" because we couldn't figure out how to share nicely!).


  1. If you read this when I first posted it, my apologies. I'd written it on my cell phone, and it went out with a million errors in it. (Well, just short of a million, anyway.)