Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Little Trooper

I have traditionally been a morning blogger, which you probably know if you're a frequent reader of "String of Pearls."  But for the past six days, my husband and I have been staying with our oldest son and his wife--and our one-year-old twin granddaughters.  And...how do I put this?  Mornings are what you might call BUSY around here!  There's so much to do between 5:30 or 6:00, when the little darlings first let it be known that they have had enough of their cribs, until they lay their heads down for their morning nap at 9:30.  It's during their nap time that I should blog, I guess; but I've been napping right along with them!

I've never been much of a napper.  When my own babies were napping--we're going back a couple of years now--I usually used the free time to get things done around the house. Or to read a couple of articles in Good Housekeeping (diet tips for ridding oneself of post-partum tummy fat, perhaps).  Or to sit with a sleeve of Oreos and a cup of coffee and watch some mindless television.  But I'm a grammy now, you see.  And I'm finding out that old grammies don't have as much energy as young mommies.  Grammies take naps.  Not just when the babies take their morning naps, but when they take their afternoon ones, too.  So if this grammy is going to blog down here in AL, I believe she's going to blog at night!

Anyway, I'm all tuckered out and headed to bed (yes, that's all I do now is sleep); but I thought before I turn in for the night I ought to at least do a quick post.  Last night, I asked you to pray for my Kewpie Doll, who was going in for an MRI today.  Well, she was a little trooper through the whole ordeal.  All she could have today was apple juice up until 9:00 a.m., and then she had to fast until after she recovered from being anesthetized for her 1:00 procedure.  Luckily, they gave her something to calm her down so that my daughter-in-law didn't have to be put through the agony of hearing her cry as they took her away to do the MRI.  When the two of them returned from the hospital, my little sweetie was a little unsteady on her feet, swaying and wobbling a bit as she toddled about; but otherwise you'd never know there'd been anything out of the ordinary about her day.

After dinner, Papa and I went over to the pool with the girls and their mommy and daddy, and I got this great shot of Papa and Kewpie together.

Look at that precious, happy face.  (My husband's is quite precious and happy-looking, I'll admit; but I mean my granddaughter's.)  Would you ever guess she'd had such a tough day?  Thanks for the prayers.  They worked! 

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