Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

My husband is absolutely besotted with his two wee granddaughters (as am I).  Like his father before him, he was born to be a father; and nothing touched me more than seeing him in that role, interacting with our five sons.  Like his father, he was also born to be a "Papa"; and now I am thoroughly enjoying watching him in this wonderful new role, interacting with those twin baby girls.

Last night, I posted a darling picture of Papa with Kewpie Doll, taken during our trip to the local pool.  So tonight, I thought I'd post one of him with Kewpie's counterpart, Bonny Babe, taken during our post-dinner outing to the small lake located on the Army post where our son works.

Okay, I said I'd post one picture, but I posted two.  I just couldn't decide which of these photos was more adorable.  It's the chubby little arm draped around Papa's shoulder that gets to me.  If there's such a thing as Heaven on earth, I believe it's when you're holding a beloved grandchild who has her arm resting this way on your shoulder.  If you asked my husband, I'm sure he'd agree with me.  (The only position that outranks this one on the heavenliness scale involves her head resting there as well.)

What a great time we had at the lake!  Our little beach babies toddled all over the sand and walked back and forth in waist-deep water, holding onto their parents' hands (each wearing nothing but a swim diaper--which has got to be the cutest get-up under the sun for a round-bellied one-year-old).

I'm so glad I was able to capture these endearing images for posterity.  Folks, let me tell you: it just doesn't get any better than this.

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