Saturday, June 2, 2012


My precious identical twin granddaughters are one year old today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the two most adorable little people on the planet!  Those wee lasses came into the world like two little rays of sunshine, lighting up the lives of so many, and they are loved more than they could ever imagine.

I saw a Family Circle cartoon once that said, "God creates twins whenever he makes a face he really likes."  Look at these faces: is it any wonder that God decided one of them would just not be enough?

My daughter-in-law told me yesterday that they're planning to take the girls to the petting zoo today.  What a fun way to celebrate the girls' big day!  And what I wouldn't give to be there to see that!  (If there's anything cuter than baby humans, it's baby humans petting baby animals.)

This is not only a red letter day for Bonny and Kewpie; it's also a milestone for their parents.  I'm so proud of my oldest son and the lovely young lady he married.  Those two kids have handled the first crazy, busy, exhausting year of raising twins with patience, grace, and humor.  They are an inspiration.  Just as twins are a special miracle from God, the parents He chooses for them are special, too.  So on the babies' first birthday, here's a little poem in honor of their mommy and daddy:

The Parents of Twins
by Larry Howland

A meeting was convened one day
In Heaven's sacred hall.
The ideal parents must be found
For twins so sweet and small.

They must be patient, first of all,
And calm and kind and wise,
And capable of chasing tears 
Away from little eyes.

Would also put their children first
And have a lot of smarts,
With dedication and resolve,
Two sweet and loving hearts.

It was agreed you were the best--
No other ones would do.
Yes, Heaven found the perfect ones
And sent those twins to you!


  1. Beautiful! Happy birthday to my great nieces from their "great" aunt Rini!!!