Saturday, February 18, 2012

Same Hats, Bigger Heads

I took this photo of my twin granddaughters five and a half months ago, when Papa and I were visiting them and their mommy (at their Nonna and Grandpa's house out in the Midwest), not long before their daddy, our oldest son, got back for good from his year-long deployment in Afghanistan. They're wearing some pretty, colorful cotton sunbonnets stitched up for them by one of their mommy's friends. Just a few months earlier when we put these same hats on them to take them for a stroller walk, they were comically big on the girls' tiny, newborn infant heads. Here, at three months old, they fit just about perfectly.

Now check out the photo I took of my little cuties on our walk yesterday, once again wearing those very same sunbonnets. The girls live a lot closer to the Equator down here in their new home state, "Alabama the Beautiful" (that's the slogan on the AL license plates), than they did at their old home in Upstate NY, so we thought their fair heads should have a little protection from the sun. Those bonnets don't fit quite as well as they used to, as you might have noticed! The babies' adorable noggins (and all of their other adorable parts, too) have grown quite a bit since the above photo was taken! But even in outgrown headgear, they're quite a pair of dolls, aren't they?

Their mommy did, however, send Daddy out to buy some bigger sunbonnets, and I must say that the new ones are pretty ding-dang stylish. I was hoping to stroll the girls all over the neighborhood today, sporting their new haberdashery; but it rained cats and dogs incessantly, and it still hasn't let up. The poor things were bare-headed and housebound all day long. Oh well, I should have plenty of opportunities to see them in those new hats during the week ahead, before I head back home to New England next Saturday.

But I'll miss these little sunbonnets. They've become a symbol for me of how fast time flies...and how quickly my grandbabies are growing up!

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