Friday, February 10, 2012

Road Trip: Second Leg

The twins, playing on a blanket in their  great-aunt's basement--with
their two best guys, Daddy and Papa.
Well, yesterday we left PA in the morning and drove another four hours before arriving safely in Charlottesville, VA--the second stop on our road trip south with our oldest son, his wife, and his eight-month-old twin girls. Being in the car for two days in a row was getting pretty old by that point, and the babies were more than ready to get out of their car seats by the time we reached our destination; so it's nice that today, we're planning to hang out here and give them a break before we hit the old dusty trail again tomorrow.

I can't imagine a more perfect place to give the twins a nice, long respite than right where we are now, at my husband's sister's house. Her entire basement is set up as a "mother-in-law apartment," complete with a huge bedroom, two baths, a living room/T.V. watching area, and a fully functional kitchen. My son and his little family are very comfortably settled in down there, where there is plenty of floor space for the babies' pack 'n play cribs--and for playing (as you can see in the above picture).

We had a wonderful dinner last night at the home of sons #3 and 4, who live in a condo a stone's throw from their aunt. The two bachelors made marinated roasted chicken breasts and salad, their cousin brought asparagus, and all my husband and I had to contribute was the bread. The food was delightful, and the boys had their dining area set up so that all eight adults could sit down and enjoy the meal together. There was wine, there was laughter; it was entertaining at its finest. (It was really quite impressive. Like they'd taken a page right out of Martha Stewart's Living.) We're going to see our two VA sons again at lunchtime, and then they're headed out of town tonight for their Army Reserve drill weekend.

Tomorrow morning, we're on the road again...we just can't wait to get on the road again...

Actually, that's not true. I think the babies could wait here indefinitely. But at least we only have to do another four-hour leg and then at the next stop, we'll be staying with family once again (at another one of my husband's sister's homes, in NC). At that house, there are still little people around, and lots of toys--and a young second cousin who loves nothing better than to play mommy and dote on babies. How lucky we are that there is such a long string of Pearls across this country--and no matter where you go, it seems, there are always warm Pearl arms ready to welcome weary travelers into their homes!

The trip's been going great so far, but keep us in your prayers!

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  1. Looks wonderful and I am so happy you got to see your sons (my wonderful nephews!!). Have a safe and happy trip!