Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Trip: First Leg

Here are the twins, all settled in for the night and playing on the floor of our "penthouse suite," at a Residence Inn near Harrisburg, PA. We got the first six-hour leg of our road trip behind us today, and it was a huge success. We only had to stop once to feed and change the babies, and once for gas--and other than that, our angelic little granddaughters slept the whole way.

It was just a tad sad for our son and his wife to say good-bye this morning to the first house that their family ever called home; but it's also kind of exciting for them to be off on a new adventure and heading to a brand new home down South (where you can go on nice, long stroller walks, even in February!).

Tomorrow, we only have to do a four-hour leg until we reach the next stop on our trip itinerary: Charlottesville, VA. We're going to be visiting with two of the babies' uncles, one great-aunt, and a couple of second cousins. I'll keep you posted on our progress. Wish us luck!

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