Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off on Another Excellent Adventure

Well, my husband and I are leaving on a jet plane this morning, off on another globetrotting adventure. Off, again, into that wild blue yonder of which I am so fond. This time, however, he won't be piloting the plane; we'll be sitting in the back together. And this time, our destination is not some exotic European city; it's a small town north of Syracuse, NY, right here in the good old U S of A.

But we'd rather go sightseeing in this small town than in any other city in the whole, wide world, for it's the home of the two cutest little girls east of the Mississippi River: our eight-month-old identical twin granddaughters.

In October of last year, Papa and I went on a great adventure: we did a cross-country road trip with our daughter-in-law and the babies (who were four months old at the time). We drove them from the Midwest--where they'd been living with Nonna and Grandpa while our son was on deployment in Afghanistan--to their little house in Upstate NY, and then we stayed to celebrate our boy's joyful homecoming and reunion with his family.

Well, now it's time for these kids to move again (ah, the joys of Army life!), so Papa and Grammy are going on another road trip--this time caravaning with them, driving their second car down to their new Southern home. The trip will be split up into four six-hour legs, to make it easier on the babies, and two of our stops along the way will be at the homes of my husband's sisters. It should be an excellent adventure! And once our son's family takes up residence down there, those granddaughters of ours will still be the cutest little girls east of the Mississippi--but they'll be a lot closer to it than they are now.

I'm looking forward to the road trip itself, but the two-leg flight today and then the flights back home a week or so from now? Not so much. But the more I do this newfangled flying thing, the less scary it is. And if this is what I have to do to see my babies, then by golly, I'm going to do it!

(I just found a treasure trove of images of vintage Good Housekeeping covers on-line, and I love the artwork on them so much. Look at the little pilot in this one: isn't he just the cutest thing? I'm probably going to be working these covers into a lot of posts in the near future, so bear with me.)

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