Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Campers

Here is a picture of the twins, lounging on the rug in their new townhouse. This was one of the times the little campers were their happy selves, during a day filled with maybe a little TOO much excitement and disruption. The movers came this morning not long after this picture was taken, and now there are boxes, boxes...everywhere! Both of the girls seemed to need their mommy a lot today, and at the same time, of course. So it's been a bit crazy around here. But tonight, Mommy, Daddy, and Grammy don't have to sleep on air mattresses on the floor--we have beds! So I think the big people are going to be happy campers when we turn in for the night.

Among the many sacrifices that military families make, they have to move a lot more than most of us do. My son and his wife are busy tearing through boxes and setting up this house, knowing that it's possible they'll be moving to a new duty station when he finishes the six-month Army school he came here to attend. They hope he'll be able to stay on at this post for an added two years, but they have no guarantees. All I can say is God bless them both, and God bless all those who serve us as they do.

And while I'm at it, let me add: God bless mothers--and fathers--of multiples! I didn't know how easy I had it having only one baby at a time!

I'm just so proud of my son and his wife for the way they handle everything that's thrown at them, from deployment separations to cross-country moves to the exhausting demands of twin baby girls--and they do it with grace and humor. No wonder these little girls have smiles that would light up a room!

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