Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Good, Old-Fashioned Coffee Klatsch

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned coffee klatsch, is there? (Or, to use the official definition of the term, a "casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.") We gals love this sort of thing. The guys might call such get-togethers "hen parties," but what do they know? I mean, just give them some nachos and beer and a football game on the T.V., and they're happy...

Well, actually, I must admit that those man-fueled gatherings are a lot of fun, too. Anyhoo...

The term coffee klatsch comes from the German kaffeeklatsch, meaning "coffee chat." The anglicized spellings are "coffee clatch" or "coffee klatch," but it's more sophisitcated to stay closer to the spelling of the original German term, so that's what I did here. (Sophistication is very important to me, you understand. I just paused to take a sip of my morning kaffee, and I assure you, my pinky was raised.)

Last night, my husband was out of town on a trip, and I attended a "ladies night out" potluck dinner get-together with five friends at one of their homes. The only thing that kept this gathering from being a true coffee klatsch was the absence of coffee. (NOOoooooo!) Instead, there was wine, along with some great hors d'oeuvres, a green salad, a delectable four-bean chili, cornbread, the moistest rum cake ever, and decadent chocolate-frosted brownies. (I rolled home.) It was wonderful to sit around a beautifully-set dining room table and just TALK. The six of us women met because of our children: some of us got to know each other way back in the grade school days, and some by watching our boys play high school sports together. In the old days, we always talked about our children. Now, we're all empty-nesters--some of us are even grandparents (one of us, anyway, and that would be me!! Woo hoo!!); but guess what? We're still talking about our children!

It was just so much fun to catch up with these nice women whom I don't see that often anymore; it made me motivated to host a similar gathering at my house one of these days. However, I think I'll do a breakfast get-together. Because at MY kaffeeklatsch, there is definitely going to be COFFEE!

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