Monday, February 13, 2012

From Atlanta, with Love

Apparently, all the cuteness to be found in Atlanta today is in a hotel room at a Courtyard Marriott, right across the hall from the room that Papa and Grammy are occupying.

What makes me say this, you ask? How can every single bit of cuteness in the entire city of Atlanta be located in one place? If it's proof you need, I give you these two pictures, snapped this morning as my twin granddaughters played in their Pack 'n Plays while their mommy and daddy were packing up their bags and getting ready to go:

That's Bonny Babe on the top, and her equally adorable and irresistible sister Cutie Pie on the bottom. Yep, they're the two cutest things you'll see in Atlanta today, the two cutest babies this side of the Mississippi (or the other side, for that matter). They're Southern belles now, Alabama-bound.

Once we get on the road, it's only a four-hour drive until we reach their new home. But for now, I send you greetings (and incomparable cuteness) from Atlanta, with love.

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  1. Oh my... I do not believe there are any cuter girls in the world!