Monday, August 22, 2011

Words to Live By

My husband and I are getting on the road in a few minutes, planning to make the 16-hour car trip home all in one shot, if we can do it. Yesterday, we said good-bye to our baby when freshman orientation ended, and it was tough; but we know we've left him in good hands at this amazing Catholic university, where God's presence is felt everywhere. Just one of the many sights that moved and inspired me while I was here this past week was this tableau nestled deep in the woods near one of the small lakes on campus. From a distance, it almost blends in with the surrounding foliage; but as you move down the foot path and get closer, you find life-sized statues depicting the crucifixion of Christ. I was told that this was at one time a part of a giant Stations of the Cross, and there were other stations scattered throughout the trees. Wow.

There were many inspirational words spoken throughout the weekend; but during the events yesterday, one of the successful athletic coaches who represents this school gave the class of 2015 some advice, some words of wisdom, that brought tears to my eyes and my husband's, too; she said: WHEN YOU WERE BORN, YOU CRIED AND THE WORLD REJOICED. LIVE YOUR LIFE SO THAT WHEN YOU DIE, THE WORLD CRIES AND YOU REJOICE.

I can't think of anything more to say today. That says it all.

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