Monday, August 29, 2011

Somebody Makin' Soup?

In case you don't get my title, it's a reference to a line from the T.V. show "The Office"--something Creed said in one of the series' more disturbing (yet LOL funny) episodes. (My immediate fam will certainly recognize the line, immediately.)

I decided to post this easy soup recipe, because it's one that was a big hit in this house--especially with my second son. He just recently moved into his own apartment and is interested in learning how to cook. We went to visit him at his bachelor pad Friday night, and I was amazed that there were no dirty dishes in the sink and the whole kitchen was almost immaculate. He's been doing his own laundry (although I'm sure he'll let me do a load or two when he comes home for a weekend visit), and he's been making his own meals, too--not eating take-out every night. "Who are you, and what have you done with my son?" I asked him. We had given him some pots a frying pan to get him started, but he went to Wal-Mart recently and bought himself some pizza pans and two glass casserole dishes (!). He said that so far, he's been just making Kraft macaroni & cheese for dinner, or heating up a Freschetta pizza or some Tostino's pizza rolls. But he said he wants to learn how to make "real" food, and this is one of the recipes he wants me to give him. I thought I'd give it to you, too. You probably won't like this soup if you don't like spicy food--but otherwise, enjoy!

(To enlarge for easier reading, click on the image once or twice.)

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