Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tiny "Easter Basket" Cakes

This is not so much a recipe as it is an idea for decorating individual miniature Bundt cakes to look like Easter baskets. (I saw this idea in Ladies Home Journal so I can't take credit for coming up with it. I'm just being a copycat.) I thought these were so cute and would not only make a yummy dessert to serve at Easter dinner, but would also make my holiday table look even more festive. First they're decorations, then they're dessert--I love it! I decided I had to give them a try.

You can use your favorite yellow cake mix and bake up some mini Bundt cakes (my pan makes six at a time). Remove them from the pan and when they're cooled, turn them upside down so that they resemble little baskets. Then hollow out a little of the top (what used to be the bottom!) and fill with green icing to make the "grass." If you use an icing tube and decorator tip, or pipe the icing out of a Ziplok bag with a tiny corner snipped off, you can get the grass effect. In the magazine, the grass was created using flaky coconut dyed green. It looks more like grass, but unfortunately it probably tastes more like coconut; and everyone in my house thinks coconut is yucky in the extreme, so I had to improvise.

Now add whatever else you'd like: jelly beans, Peeps, little chocolate bunnies, etc. If you have little kids in your house, they would probably have fun filling up the baskets. It could become a yearly tradition, and be to Easter what decorating sugar cookies is to Christmas!

Enjoy! Happy Easter!

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