Saturday, April 16, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on wait, those aren't really even in my top fifty. And warm woolen mittens? Too itchy. This picture, though, is filled with some of my very favorite things in the world.

The cup and saucer (in Noritake's pattern "Royal Hunt") is part of the 10 place settings of china that I inherited from my mother-in-law. It's got rabbits, quail, deer, and hunting dogs on it. I love it, love it, love it.

The silver sugar bowl and creamer were passed down to me from my grandmother on my father's side, and the old white linen napkin is part of a set of eight that I inherited from my grandmother on my mother's side.

The spoon is from the Oneida stainless pattern for which I registered many, many moons ago when I was about to become a bride. And I picked up the antique coffee pot at a great antique/gift shop in our town. I thought it would look sweet with my mother-in-law's dishes (and I'm a sucker for things with vintage charm).

Doesn't this picture just make you want to sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee? Wait a minute! I forgot to mention the most important favorite thing in this picture, the only thing I couldn't do without on a daily basis: the coffee!!

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