Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mom's Valuable Player

We have a little joke in our family: that whenever one of my boys is out on a playing field, be it football or lacrosse, he's the MVP of the team ("Mom's Valuable Player," that is). I suppose I see everything they do through rose-colored glasses, but that's okay; their father is never afraid to tell them, in the gentlest possible way, if their performance wasn't up to par. (He speaks not only as their dad, but as a former football player who coached their youth football and lacrosse teams and has been their high school lacrosse team's defense coach for many years.) They go to him when they really want to know how they've done, because they know I'll just say, "You did great!"

Well, yesterday my youngest son, a 4-year starter and captain on his Catholic high school lacrosse team, had his first game of the season against his team's cross-town rival, our local public high school. My son's team had a rough outing and lost 13-8. There is no other way to put it: it was ugly.

But who do you think was the MVP? Well, here's a picture of him. He's the defenseman in blue who's going lefty with his long pole and having no trouble motoring and muscling past the short stick, all the while hanging onto that precious ball. You should be duly impressed. I know I am.

The game may have been abysmal, but there was one bright spot: this is one of the best lacrosse action shots I've ever gotton of one of my beloved MVP's.

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