Monday, April 11, 2011

A Great Baby Shower Idea

If you are planning a baby shower for someone in the future, here is a unique idea for an activity for your party guests. I saw this at my daughter-in-law's shower this past weekend. It gets all of the guests involved, and in the end, an alphabet book--handmade with love--is created for the new little one (ones, in this case--this shower was for twins).

A sign that would become the cover of the book was set up on a table; it said Our ABC Book, Made Before We Were Even Born, By: People Who Love Us! Nearby was a stack of 26 pieces of paper, each with a big black letter of the alphabet printed out on it, along with pencils and crayons. (Markers could also be used.) Each guest was asked to pick at least one page and decorate it with items that began with the letter on that page.

There were some protests of "I can't draw!" and "I don't have a bit of artistic talent!", but eventually, people got into it and really enjoyed it. It was so fun to see the twins' future great-grandma and great-aunts coloring away at the craft table! The thing to remind your guests is that when it comes to illustrations for a children's book, simple, colorful shapes are perfect, so it's okay if you're not a skilled artist.

The sheets can either be laminated or put into plastic pages and then into a binder, and voila!--a one-of-a-kind, heirloom children's book has been created. I just thought this was the most wonderful idea, so I wanted to share it.

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