Monday, May 15, 2017

My Sunday Best: Mother's Day 2017 Edition

I thought I'd join up with Rosie today to celebrate Mother's Day with y'all.  That's right, I say "y'all" now--because I'm a Southerner, have you heard?
(I know I'm a day late, but that's the way I seem to roll these days.  And better late than never, so they say.) 

Not that my Mother's Day Mass outfit was really anything to write home (or blog) about, mind you.  But it was a good excuse to post something here, and better yet, to link up with some other fine ladies.  And maybe to talk about some other stuff, too, besides my $15 Sam's Club shift and $16.99 TJ Maxx cardigan.
I almost returned this dress right after I bought it, because I thought that the modern geometric print was a tad too bold for me, that the hem was a couple of inches too short, and that in general it fit just a wee bit too tightly.  Meaning that it wasn't about too sizes too big, which is my favorite fit when it comes to dresses.  (I am always happiest in loose-fitting garments--layers upon layers of them.)

This wrinkle-free polyester dress has short sleeves and can be worn alone, but I like it best paired with a 3/4-sleeve cardi (as they call them in fashion circles).  Because like I said before: layers.

Those flowers I'm holding were a little Mother's Day remembrance from my husband, and I think they made a nice accessory to my outfit.

This past week we've been in our old hometown in upstate NY, taking care of our Oyster Haven VRBO house.  We have our first renters of the season, who came for a graduation celebration. So my husband and I attended the 7:30 Mass yesterday morning at his old parish church, the one where we were married in 1980.  It is such a magnificent church; it looks like a cathedral, truly.  I wish I'd thought to take pictures, but I didn't know that I was going to blog until we got home from Mass.  Luckily I had this photo (taken on our wedding day) stored on my computer, to give you an idea of the beauty and grandeur of this church.
Before the final blessing, the pastor invited all the mothers in the congregation to come up and gather around the altar for a special Mother's Day blessing, and then he passed out little gifts.  It was very sweet.
Each of the moms in attendance got this touching little packet.
Once we were back home (at my husband's childhood home by the lake, where we've been staying for the week), I got to work on the dishes I had promised to make for the Mother's Day brunch hosted by one of my sisters and her hubby.  I'd already made a chocolate brownie bundt cake--using a boxed chocolate cake mix and a boxed brownie mix, and covered in chocolate ganache--a few days earlier, and it had been frozen to preserve its freshness and then thawed the night before.  I thought it was going to be SO delish, and if it was a winner, I had planned share the recipe here at the blog.  But it was just sort of "meh."  I mean, it was good, don't get me wrong, because it was chocolate cake; but it was not nearly as out-of-the-ordinary as I thought it was going to be.

Aside from the cake, I was on fruit and vegetable duty.  I always love putting together fruit and veggie platters, because although they require minimal effort they're so colorful and pretty.

And they make you feel better about eating chocolate cake.
You might want to try this awesome fruit dip recipe: equal parts softened cream cheese
and marshmallow Fluff.  It's always a hit.

Does anyone EVER serve raw veggies with anything other than Ranch dip?  (Well, I don't.)
My baby sister put on quite a spread, as she always does.  Four kinds of quiche, eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast casserole, deli platters, donuts, pastries, coffee, mimosas...

I ate so much at brunch that I couldn't eat any dinner.  (Although I did eat a another slice of that ordinary-but-still-yummy chocolate cake...)

It was so wonderful to spend Mother's Day with my mom and my two sisters (along with their families), and also my sisters' mothers-in-law.  That's a whole lot of top notch mothers right there.
My mom.  Isn't she the prettiest 81-year-old you've ever seen?

Sister Act!  (And bonus: Whoopi Goldberg is nowhere in sight!)
The hostess of this shindig was my blond sister on the left.
My mother, front and center, is rocking her trademark bright yellow and black, a color combo she pulls off better than anyone I know.  The two ladies flanking her are looking pretty snazzy, too.  I don't know if it's a generational thing or what, but women of a certain age have an aura of glamour about them that we younger gals, raised in a more casual world (one without white gloves, hats, and nylon stockings) don't seem to possess.  One of them said that if she'd known she was going to get her picture taken, she would have dressed better.  And look at those three--they all look sensational.

My beautiful mom is doing so much better these days.  In the months since my dad passed away, she has faced a slew of health issues--not to mention a staggering mountain of grief over losing not only her partner of 60 years, but her home and her independence.  However, it is uplifting to see that she is getting stronger and seems happier and more like her old self, and she is adjusting to life in her assisted living home with grace and determination.  All she wants from us kids for gifts these days are pictures of her family to decorate the cozy corner room that has become her new home.

So instead of flowers, I had a photo enlargement made for her.  Because who wouldn't be cheered up looking at those five handsome boys of mine?  (Rhetorical question, obviously!!)
I hope you had the beautiful Mother's Day you deserve, all you moms out there; because just as it says on the cards the priest distributed as we ladies stood around the altar after Mass, "a family's greatest treasure is a mother of faith."

Now head on over to Rosie's post.  (That's where I'm going now!)


  1. What a wonderful Mothers Day you had! Too bad that you didn't take a photo of the altar at church yesterday as you could have shared the lovely sight of the altar illuminated by golden glass candles bearing the names of so many wonderful mothers. I love this tradition that allows family members to honor their mothers in this way. Fr. Timothy sent me a photo of my mom's candle and I love knowing that she is there in that church that she loved so much!

    1. Oh Sheila, I wish I had thought to take a picture of that! I'll bet my mother-in-law's name was on one of those candles, too! <3

  2. Oh I loved all the photos! and the update on your mum. Happy Mother's Day

    1. A belated Hapoy Mother's Day to you, too! Always good to "see" you here. :)

  3. That IS a pretty fruit platter! :)

  4. Your dress is adorable! I, too, am a big fan of "fixing" dresses with cardigans and tights. I have unusually long *thighs*, so what is an okay level of short on another woman is often way too short for me!

    And I know what you mean about senior ladies dressing so nicely. I've noticed that, too, and I've been working on my personal style for the last several years. Audrey Tom at is my style icon. She always looks like a real person, but a stylish one, too!

    1. Just about any dress can be improved with a cardigan and tights! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks so!

      I'll have to check out Audrey Tom. :)

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Laura! You and your mom both look so lovely!

  6. I'm so glad your mother is doing better. She has been through a lot. I agree about the generations. My mother and her sisters were great dressers as well!

    1. I think women from my mom's generation were so stylish. In those old black and white photos from the 50's, they all look like movie stars.