Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Pearls of Great Price

In case you're wondering how I came up with the title for my blog, I named it for my 5 boys. Their high school varsity lacrosse coach (who sometimes had as many as 3 Pearls playing on the team at once) always referred to them as a "string of pearls," so there you have it.

Here is a picture of my 5 priceless gems, rendered in cartoon form by son #4 (we all think he's uber-talented). With a few simple lines, he managed to capture everyone perfectly. We loved this drawing so much that we used it as our Christmas card "family picture" in 2007.

We need an updated drawing, though, because another Pearl--our daughter-in-law--has been added to the string. And soon, two tiny Pearl babies ("seed pearls"!) will be added as well.


  1. Those two seed pearls are here and getting bigger by the minute, and now there's a third...and soon, there'll be another daughter-in-law. Our string gets longer and longer!

  2. Our identical twin granddaughters are almost two-and-a-half now, and their baby sister is 8 months. Son #3 is getting married in a month. And son #4 got engaged last week! Our String of Pearls just keeps getting longer and longer, and more and more priceless!

  3. Okay, we have a second daughter-in-law now, so I decided I needed names for the two new Pearls that have been added to our string. Son #1's wife will henceforth be known as "Regina," and I've dubbed son #3's wife "Preciosa." When son #4 gets married in a matter of weeks, I'm going to call my third daughter-in-law "Braveheart."

  4. Welcome to the family (the string!) Braveheart! The girls now outnumber the boys in our family (5 sons; 3 daughters-in-law and 3 granddaughters).

  5. I love this drawing! I hope you get an updated picture to include the girls of your family. :o)

    1. Me, too! I think I'll put in a request for a new drawing for Mother's Day!

  6. Son #3 and Preciosa recently gave us some wonderful news: a new little Pearl will be joining us in October! We can hardly wait to meet grandchild #4!

  7. Okay, update time:
    Son #1 and his wife "Regina" now have four daughters: twins "Bonny Babe" and "Cutie Pie"; "Little Gal"; and "City Girl"
    Son #2 is married to "Ginger," and they are expecting their first baby
    Son #3 is married to "Preciosa," and they have a son, "G-Man"
    Son #4 is married to "Braveheart"
    Son #5 is a new college graduate and still single

  8. Son #2 and his wife now have a son, "Junior"; and G-Man has a sister, "Princesa."

  9. Many updates--I'm way behind:

    Add triplets (identical boys and a girl) "Pumpkin," "Peanut," and "Paquita" (now 2) and new baby girl "Hermanita" to son #4's rapidly growing family; add a boy, "Simba" (1 and 1/2), to son #1's family of 4 girls; add 2 boys--"Jedi" and "Topper" (now 2 and 1) to son #2's family; and add a new baby girl called "Hermosa" to son #3's family.

    Son #5 married "Babisiu" in Sept. 2019.

    All boys are now married, and the grandchildren total is currently 16 (9 girls, 7 boys)!!!!

  10. Granchild #17, who is son #4 for our second-born and Ginger, has been dubbed "Quartus." Phew! It's hard to keep up with the additions to our string of Pearls!

  11. I forgot to add a blog handle for #16, a little girl for son #3 (his fourth-born). She shall be "Bichito" here at SoP. And now we have two more grandchildren, bringing the total up to 19! Son #1 had his sixth child, a girl, whom I will call Molly. And son #3 had his fifth, a son, whom I will call Jet. (This is getting hard to keep track of, dear readers! I wish I felt comfortable using their given names!)