Friday, February 16, 2018

7QT: My Little World Traveler

Let me start right out by admitting that the title of this post is a bit misleading.  It IS about my youngest son, my baby; but it's been a long, long time since he was little.
I mean, these days I have many grandchildren who are older than he was when that photo of him was taken in 1994.  He's 6'2" and has been for about a decade now.  And he no longer allows me to dress him in round-collared shirts.  (Sniff, sniff...where do the years go?  Okay, snap out of it, Laura!  Moving on.)  He's not only tall and broad-shouldered, but also smart and funny and talented and kind and sweet and handsome (said his mommy), and he's a 25-year-old Army officer stationed overseas, with a serious girlfriend he's been dating for over a year.

So.  Now that we've got the size of said traveler straightened out, as well as enumerating some of his finer qualities (and now that I've embarrassed him, if he's reading this), I can tell you that the world part is absolutely true.  This boy of mine has taken snapshots and selfies in some of the most beautiful cities and countries around the globe.  And I thought I'd join Kelly et. al. over at This Ain't the Lyceum and share some of them with you here.

1. My Boy in Ireland

2. My Boy in London

3. My Boy in Finland

4. My Boy in Croatia

5. My Boy in Switzerland

6. My Boy in Germany

7. My Boy in Prague

That's 7 already, right?  7 Quick Takes of 7 really cool places.  And those are just some of the far-off lands our boy has had the opportunity to visit since he graduated from Notre Dame and started his Army career.

I can add another Take, though, can't I?  A bonus take, perhaps?  Yeah sure, why not!  So here's one of the other places where he got to play tourist.  In case you were interested.

8. My Boy (and His Girl) in Venice

Gosh, I could add some pictures from Rome, couldn't I?  And from Poland, where his girlfriend, my husband, and I all met up with him a couple of days after Christmas.  (Now that excellent adventure is a great subject for a future post, let me tell you!  I posted pictures from the Poland trip on Instagram, but never got around to blogging about it here.)

Anyway, I am incredibly happy that during these years that he has been fulfilling his military obligations, my baby boy (and that cute mug of his) has had the opportunity to visit so many spectacular places when he's been on leave.

But I miss him...and I can hardly wait until this little world traveler is stateside again!

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  1. Love this! Such wonderful pictures and such great experiences for him!!

    1. He has had some amazing adventures in Europe! I'm so glad he's had the opportunity to travel so much.