Sunday, February 14, 2016

What I Wore Sunday: A Royal Ensemble

I used to link up from time to time with other Catholic bloggers, for a fun little fashion show called "What I Wore Sunday."
But I don't think they're doing the link-up anymore.  And in fact, I don't believe the blog called Fine Linen and Purple--at least the one I knew with that name--even exists anymore. 

I was a tad disconcerted when I went to check on this blog and it was nowhere to be found; it makes me wonder if it's true what I've been hearing: that the blog is a dying breed.  Oh well...I really feel like doing a What I Wore Sunday post anyway.  So here goes.

But never mind what I wore Sunday, dear readers.  I'd rather show you what my three-month-old grandson wore!

Junior sported a classic look befitting a wee royal such as England's little Prince George: a navy blue velveteen "Jon Jon" romper that I stitched up for him (remember this post?), along with a matching Grammy-made boy's bonnet.  (In spite of the fact that Junior's dad, my second-oldest son, doesn't believe that the words "boy's" and "bonnet" belong in the same sentence.  Ever.  Ever ever ever.)
When my husband saw his dapper little grandson in this get-up, he exclaimed, "He's Little Lord Fauntleroy!"

My daughter-in-law Ginger was hoping to complete Junior's "Sunday Best" ensemble with some white knee socks and saddle shoes; but she was unable to find socks in his size, and the shoes she bought are still a bit big for him.  Having seen superblogger and fashion trendsetter Grace Patton's little guy Bosco sporting tights with short pants in an Instagram photo, she decided that they would work with Junior's romper as well.  (Two other words my son doesn't believe belong in the same sentence are "boy's" and "tights"--or as he called them, "nylons."  If I could insert the laughing-so-hard-it's-crying emoji here, I would.)
Can you even stand it?  Isn't this about the cutest thing you've ever seen (said Junior's besotted Grammy)?

What I wore Sunday was not nearly as noteworthy as what he wore, but I guess I'll show you anyway.  I wore a polka-dotted black and white knit Dress Barn frock that I've worn about a bazillion times already (it's practically a uniform for me, especially when I'm traveling), with a black cardigan, black tights, and black ballet flats.  I also wore my purple lace mantilla, a Christmas gift from my husband a few years ago that's a liturgically correct color to wear to Mass during the Lenten season.  My only accessory, besides the veil, was my always-worn gold Miraculous Medal.
And speaking of Miraculous Medals, I am hoping to give away 500 of them during Lent, to aid the Association of the Miraculous Medal with their goal of distributing 1,000,000 medals by the feast of Mary's birthday in September.  If you're a teacher, religious ed instructor, homeschooler, parent or grandparent who is interested in getting some of these medals for your class, group, or loved ones, you can contact me and I'll send them to you.  (Just go to the "EMAIL ME" button on the side bar.)  I am thrilled to report that I have already gotten requests from some schools and have found homes for about 250 of the medals I have.  But there are plenty more where those came from.

Have a great week, everyone!  (Now one more dose of cuteness before I sign off...)


  1. He is just perfect!! I love the outfit ... even if boys shouldn't wear tights and bonnets!! LOL

    1. He is just adorable! We had so much fun with him this weekend. :)

  2. I hope this is the smaller of the two! It fits perfectly so I hope there's another to grow into!

    1. It is the smaller of the two. :)

      Now I have to make a bigger bonnet to go with the bigger romper--if my son will allow it! ;)

  3. I just saved all of these pictures! I couldn't love it more! Thank you!!!!