Thursday, February 11, 2016

Miraculous Medal Giveaway

The Association of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville, MO, has begun a Million Medal Campaign.  They hope to distribute 1,000,000 blessed Miraculous Medals by September 8th, the feast of Our Lady's birthday. To help them with this mission, they were looking for volunteers who wanted to "do something more this Lent" and support them in their work.

I am a strong believer in the power of this medal, a sacramental that Mary promised would give many graces to those who wear it with confidence.  Nothing would please me more than doing even a small part in making the Association of the Miraculous Medal's campaign successful, and to know that more hearts might be brought to Jesus through the intercession of His Mother.  So I contacted them and volunteered to distribute 500 blessed medals.
If you are an interested Catholic school teacher, religious education instructor, homeschooler, parent, or grandparent, let me know if you would like some of these medals for your class, group, or loved ones (and how many you need/where to send them).  Just go to the "EMAIL ME" button on the sidebar and contact me, and I will mail the medals out to you as soon as I can.  I intend to bring some to my own parish and local Catholic schools, but I have plenty to spare!

I'm giving some things up this Lent; but I'm also taking up the challenge posed by the Association of the Miraculous Medal and "adding something on."  Please help me as I help them to succeed in their goal of distributing 1,000,000 medals by Mary's birthday.
God bless you, this Lenten season and always.


    I'd like an even dozen for my girls.
    2997 Avenue 192
    Tulare, CA. 93274

    1. Katie,

      I would love to send you a dozen medals. I am currently traveling, but will be heading home about a week after Easter. I'll get them mailed out as soon as i can. God bless you!