Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day (One Day Late)!

Over the weekend, our newest grandchildren Junior and Princesa (three months old and one week old respectively) met for the first time, when their moms attended a baby shower in honor of one of their dads' cousins.

And love was definitely in the air.
There were kisses.
And there were hugs.
Junior's mom Ginger and Princesa's mom Preciosa (who's also G-Man's mom) have been great friends since college.  Back then, I'm sure they never imagined that one day, they'd marry brothers and have children who share the same blood.  Life is so full of unexpected blessings!

And those wee kissin' cousins were together for a few hours on Saturday, cuddling on the couch, showing each other lots of day-before-Valentine's-Day love.

Fast-forward to the day after these sweet, love-filled photos were taken:  My husband and I had an interesting Valentine's Day.  We spent most of the holiday traveling home from a four-day visit with our VA gang (which includes three out of our five sons and their families).  We had planned to have a romantic dinner out last night but were so tired that instead, we decided to order take-out dinners from Chili's and eat them in front of the TV (our homebody version of a dinner and a movie date).  My gallant husband drove over to the restaurant to pick our food up.  When he got home, we realized they'd given him someone else's order by mistake, and he had to go back and get the mix-up squared away.  They almost gave him the wrong order again, believe it or not.  But we finally had a delicious dinner and soaked up the latest episode of "Downton Abbey," so things were looking up.  But then before we went to bed, we realized that we had some sort of major plumbing issue involving a clog or a frozen pipe in our septic system, and that we couldn't run any water whatsoever until we got someone over this morning to assess the situation and make things right--or there would be catastrophic consequences, if you get my drift.  So...not the most perfectly idyllic Valentine's Day.

But you know what?  I'd rather spend Valentine's Day dealing with dinner delays and septic crises with my guy than sitting by candlelight at a fancy restaurant with anyone else.  So when I think of it that way, it was a perfect Valentine's Day, as always.

I hope yours was happy, too!

(P.S. If you didn't catch yesterday's post, with Junior's fashion photo shoot, you might want to check it out.  It's just about guaranteed to make you smile.)


  1. Oh my gosh they're so cute! Happy belated Valentine's Day. I hope your septic issues have been sorted out!

    1. Our issues are all taken care of, thank goodness! It was a matter of frozen pipes, but it's all fixed. I originally wrote "have a problem," because I was working on this post in the a.m., when the septic guy was checking things out; but I posted it later in the day, when the problem was thankfully already in the past tense! I've updated it to read "had." :)

  2. Such sweet babies! You are truly blessed!

  3. Sometimes tbe best times are the least-planned times.

  4. Sometimes tbe best times are the least-planned times.