Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Preciosa!

Today my blog is dedicated to our sweet daughter-in-law, Preciosa, who married our middle son in December of 2013.

She is now the mother of almost-one-year-old G-Man, and is expecting baby #2 in February.  She was a successful working woman before the arrival of her adorably chubby and incredibly busy little son, but she has decided to stay home full-time with G-Man and his future siblings.  It is a big sacrifice, but the rewards will be even bigger, I'm quite sure.

That little boy of hers sure loves his mama.
That not-so-little boy of ours sure loves G-Man's mama, too.
Preciosa has many lovable qualities.  But what my husband and I can't help but love about her most is the way she loves these two.
As the mother, she is the HEART of son #3's precious little family.
She is a daughter to me.
And she is so incredibly generous to both of her in-laws, never stingy about letting go of that little cutie pie and handing him over to his baby-hungry Papa and Grammy as soon as we arrive for a visit.
She deserves the happiest of birthdays--and I hope her men treat her like a queen today!
Preciosa, whenever I feel like I just don't know what to blog about anymore, you encourage me to keep blogging (thanks for being a loyal reader, by the way).  And you remind me that sometimes people just like to see a lot of pictures.  So I thought you might enjoy this little photo album I put together, to share with anyone who might stop by this blog on your special day. 

Happy Birthday, Preciosa!


  1. Happy birthday to my niece!! Love this!

  2. This just MADE my day!!!! I love you soooo much!!! Thank you so much for this special post!!!!! XOXO Rommies 4 life!!!

    1. I'm so happy this made you happy! Mission accomplished! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter in law! And congratulations to them and you on the news of Pearl Grand baby #7!! Love it! Such a blessed family!

  4. Happy birthday, Preciosa!
    And Laura, thank you, THANK YOU for modeling what a mother-in-law can and should be. I pray that when I am blessed enough to become one, my relationship with my children-in-law will be as wonderful as yours.