Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blogging about the Shower, While I Wait for My Flight

Here's a post I started writing on Sunday, determined to get it up on the blog post haste...and yes, it's now Wednesday, so obviously that grand plan fell through the cracks.  My husband and I left for Upstate NY on Monday, to get some work done at our Oyster Haven VRBO house.  That's where I am now.  And I've been so busy that I've been like, "Blog?  What blog?"

So  anyway, here's that post that's been sitting there on my blogging dashboard unfinished, waiting for its close-up.  (I think I was going to add more pictures, but I'm posting this before another three days goes by!)

[Sunday afternoon]
Well, I'm stuck in the airport in NYC, awaiting a flight that has been delayed more than an hour.  I can't really go anywhere or do anything; so this is a perfect time for me to catch up on my blogging.  I have some complimentary free WiFi at my disposal, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a post for my somewhat neglected String of Pearls.

I am on my way back home from a weekend trip to Northern VA, where I attended the baby shower of son #2's wife Ginger.  It's always a crap shoot flying on non-revenue stand-by passes, but the trip down to VA went like clockwork.  However, the return trip--not so much!  When I arrived in NY from DC today, there were some complications (baggage issues, having to wait for a shuttle bus between terminals, etc.).  So I ended up missing my connecting flight to Boston.  And now the next flight heading there is going to be late getting out of here.

Anyhoo--I'm such a slacker lately as far as this blog goes.  So I thought I'd use this unexpected "free time" I have today to share some pictures from the shower.  It was an all-gal affair, hosted by my daughter-in-law's sweet mother at her lovely home--well, not quite an all-gal affair, I guess: there was also one bearded guest, who happens to be the father of the soon-to-be-born little Pearl.  He was a great sport and seemed to really enjoy himself, charming all the ladies with his typical easygoing humor and deep, pleasing laugh.  (Not biased about my boy here; no not at all.)

Okay then, here are some images from a beautiful event, which I was quite privileged to be able to attend--and I'd do it again any day of the week, even if it meant being stuck in an airport for hours afterward.  It was so, SO worth it.

Don't we look like twins?

Ginger and her older sister, who is expecting her 6th at around the same time.

Selfie time with Preciosa and Braveheart.

The only one missing is my sweet Regina.

The soon-to-be first time parents!  Adorable!

My son dealt with being the only male at the shower by
harkening back to his boyhood days and building a fort
out of the gift pile.

One-of-a-kind onesies, made by Preciosa.

I love this boy!  And he's going to be a great dad.
Today (the 30th) is a very special day--because it's the birthday of my mother (she's turning 80!), and also one of my sisters and my daughter-in-law Regina.  The Happy Birthday post is going to have to wait until tomorrow...because right now, we have to head back over to Oyster Haven and assemble bed frames!  But stay tuned...


  1. So great that she had such a lovely shower. Baby Pearl is one loved little baby!

    1. Madeline, I am also one lucky blogger. Your interest in and enthusiasm for my growing family is so incredibly touching to me.

  2. Looks like a beautiful shower!